September Runs Red

September Runs Red

September Runs Red

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1h 55m 2012 HD

Watch september runs red Fmovies. Taylor Evans, a successful, pretty modern day woman is finding her world rapidly collapsing around her as a sudden and unexplained phobia to water grips her psyche, shattering her fragile world. In desperation to save herself, Taylor reaches out to Dr. John Cane, a cast out phobia specialist, and ally of the worst kind. Dr. Cane, a notorious psychiatrist whose recent prominence and rise in the medical community is linked to a successful but controversial behavior analysis treatment he's pioneered on a desolate island. Reluctantly, Dr. Cane agrees to treat Taylor's irrational fear of water but on the sole condition the treatment take place on the remote island for her safety and wellbeing. On the island nothing is ever what it seems.

September Runs Red (2012)
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